The town is called Eastover because it is over to the east of the Congree. The town is approximately twenty miles southeast of Columbia. It covers an area of one square mile and has access to U.S. Highways 378 and 601. The tracks of the Seaboard Cost Line Railroad run through the heart of the town, with the Wateree River flowing less than four miles from the town limits.

A charter was issued to the municipality of Eastover on December 24, 1880, and a certificate of incorporation on March 7, 1907. The first Eastover municipal election was held on March 6, 1907 with sixeen voters participating. They voted first, in favor of a corporation; second that the proposed name of the town be Eastover; third, that E.C. Touchberry become Intendent and that T. H. Auld, H.G. Bates, J.C. Eason, and W.D. Woodard becomes wardens.

The town has a Mayor Council form of municipal government which consists of a mayor and four councilmen. This form of government was introduced on March 1, 1976 and adopted on April 6, 1976.



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